Hello everybody

I am a 46 french painter, and for my friends I have made a GE file about 300 watercolours I have painted around the world since 1991, with, for the most part of them, a vignette of the painting, and the link to my website page where the painting can be seen enlarged.
I was thinking I could also share it with the GE community. So this is it !


04/26/2014 : New work about Paris, Danemark, United Arab Emirates, Corsica, Sicilia...

01/11/2013 : The website has been totally modified so that there is GE API inside.

09/24/2010 : A few more drawings from Paris and France, and updating of Capri's landmarks (there were not the picture).

05/5/2010 : a little trip of 5 days in Capri (Italy) and these are 11 new drawings of theses beautiful landscapes and places.

08/25/2009 : 4 days and 6 drawings on the compostela route, between Moissac and la Romieu, and a little new one from Paris (Montsouris).

05/09/2009 : A little journey in Cyprus last week, and I am back with 9 new drawings. I know, I am not very productive but I'm busy !.

01/02/2009 : I've added pictures I've made last august and september : 3 from Paris (Petit Palais, Carnavalet museum and Arenaes of Lutetia), and one of la Chaise Dieu.

09/01/2008 : four new ones : Paris, Strasbourg, and somewhere near the sea in north of France.

04/15/2008 : I had not updated this post since almost a year. Yet I went to Istanbul in may 2007 (4 drawings), in Creta last week (11 drawings) and I had made 6 or 7 drawings from places in Paris and France last summer. So the file is now totally updated.

04/27/2007 : At last the 2007 season has begun ! So, five new paintings in april : two of paris (Bridge of Arts and Luxembourg garden), one of Salon of provence (yet without colour) and two from Sisteron, in south of France.

03/08/2007 : I had forgotten one of Paris, place des Vosges, made in 2001. Fixed.
At last spring is coming ! Soon, i'll go and paint new ones, especially in Paris, and especially in the 20th district .

09/04/2006 : I've added the 13 ones I've made this summer, in France, between Conques and Moissac. And the vignettes are not anymore directly in the file but there is a link to them on my website. So that the kmz file is lighter and above all, when the Google earth database is updated, the vignettes will appear... whereas it is not the case for now. But I'm glad I am in the DB anyway !

07/19/2006 : I've added two new ones of Paris, but most important, I have modified the classification of the paintings. Indeed, who cares about their dates ? Here, we are in a geographical tool. So, I've made a geographical classification.

07/05/2006 : a little new one of my family house's garden in north of France. Next august I will make some on the Compostela route (between Conques and Moissac, in France), and then I will have a little exhibition in La Chaise Dieu (still in France !)

05/26/2006 : I have added three new ones : a house in Dreux (Normandy), a village in very south of France (near Perpignan) and Paris (locks of Canal St Martin ). Enjoy !

04/18/2006 : I have updated the file as Dorseyland suggested it : the vignette itself is now the link to the matching web page.

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